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From thermally conductive compounds to syntactic foams, Wacker Silicones custom mixes a wide selection of silicones tailored to suit your needs.

Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) silicones have been engineered for a multitude of applications.  Moldmaking, potting, encapsulating, coating, sealing, and bonding are among the reasons companies and individuals continue to choose silicones.  Available in one-part (RTV-1) and two-part (RTV-2) formulations, it is highly likely that Wacker has already developed a material perfect for your application and/or process.

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) formulations provide the ultimate for highly automated production.  Molding with LSR materials can literally be a lights out experience.  Delivered as two-part systems, these platinum catalyzed materials are ready to use.  Elastosil LSR compounds are available that provide excellent flame resistance, good compression set, self-lubricating characteristics, electrical conductivity, and a self-adhering feature in addition to generally excellent typical physical properties. Fast is the keyword when describing LSR materials.

High Consistency Rubber (HCR) compounds can be formulated to meet your specification requirements.  The characteristics of the raw material can be altered to match the parameters of your process requirements.  These materials are used with traditional rubber fabricating equipment to produce molded, extruded, and calendered products, as well as hand-built assemblies.  Wacker excels in the manufacture of non-chemically blown sponge formulas used in both molding and extrusion processes.

Fabric coating grades of silicone are, generally, specially formulated versions of LSR, HCR, RTV-1, and RTV-2 materials.  Viscosity and coating characteristics have been modified to suit the fabric coater's process.  Also available are solvent based dispersions, aqueous systems, and primers.

Wacker takes a back seat to no one when it comes to partnering!  Contact RubberWorks for more information on all that Wacker offers.



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Last modified: December 28, 2010

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