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"M" is for mold making!

Elastosil M grade RTV compounds are two component, room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubbers.  There are grades suitable for all kinds of applications, from on-site repairs to short run production to custom seal or gasket manufacture.

We've divided the linked pages by type of cure.  Condensation curing Elastosil M grades are cured at temperatures between 0C and 70C after adding a liquid or paste catalyst.  Addition curing grades of Elastosil M are vulcanized at temperatures of 10C to 200C after mixing the A and B components together.  Each type offers its own benefits; please take a look at the summary and comparative information for the materials we have  spotlighted.  Other grades of each cure type are available.  Give us a call to let us help you select the grade that is best suited to your process.

    Elastosil Silicone Putty!

Wacker has introduced kneadable, 2 part silicone putty for use in a variety of applications ranging from on the spot creation of "instant" seals to making quick impressions of interesting shapes.


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