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Liquid Silicone Rubbers are still revolutionary despite having been available now for decades.

Employing pumps and in-line mixers for injection molding instead of mills, internal mixers, extruders, and Barwell preformers is not only simpler but more cost efficient.  No external mixing, no individual preforming, no need to produce pigs or strips, LSR's are two-part, ready to use systems.  They are cured through platinum-catalyzed addition and, unlike peroxide curing, no undesirable by-products are released in process.  Everything from silicone keypads to baby bottle nipples are made with Elastosil LR materials.

Some of the benefits of LSR technology include:

  •  easy to handle, cure very quickly, and require almost no post-processing

  •  contains neither toxic or aggressive substances, eliminating the need for special handling precautions beyond  providing good ventilation in production areas

  •  because of the addition cure technology, no crosslinker by-products are released

  •  pigmentable in nearly every colour

  •  all the expected benefits of silicones with the advantage of higher speed processing

Wacker offers several grades of Elastosil LR:

  •  Non-postcuring grades which are ideal for high volume technical applications

  •  Self-lubricating grades in a range of hardnesses and degrees of oil bleed are available

  •  Self-adhesive grades are available which will adhere to many  thermoset, thermoplastic, metal, and elastomer mold inserts.  The self-adhesive LSR's are ideally suited for two-shot injection molding processes.

  •  Special purpose grades offering UL94 V0 flame resistance or electrical conductivity or high cure speeds are among the Elastosil materials available

  •  Standard grades of Elastosil LR are available in a hardness range of 15 to 80 Shore A.  Features include transparent colour, high mechanical strength, low compression set, and good dielectric strength

If you're just thinking about employing LSR materials for a new project, call us for assistance.  We can provide advice on available pumping equipment, molding presses, and tool shops.

If you're already using a liquid injection process in your plant, call us for a consultation on the Wacker material(s) most suitable for your process and/or application.

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Last modified: December 28, 2010

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