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High Consistency Rubber or High Temperature Vulcanizing are both terms that describe conventional grades of silicone rubber which are processed in conventional rubber fabricating equipment.

Compression, transfer, and injection molding can all be accomplished with Wacker's Elastosil R line of silicone materials.  Extrusion, calendaring, and even hand lay-up processes can be used to produce everything from silicone glazing seals to radiator hose.

Wacker offers base silicone materials which are suitable for use in your own mixing operation, using either open mills or internal mixers.

Custom compounds are available which are catalyzed and customized for your particular process and/or application.

While silicones have been available in HCR form for over 50 years, the formulating and handling of these materials have kept pace with the times.  Wacker has developed Elastosil R products that satisfy new requirements for extreme flame resistance and/or very low smoke generation, extreme low temperature, resistance to new grades of motor oil, tracking and arc resistance, and exposure to food and pharmaceutical products.  Silicone compounds are now available which addition cure with a platinum catalyst, providing extremely fast cure cycles.

All Elastosil R products can be tailored to suit your process.  Many are available that comply with specifications from a myriad of industries.  Specialized preforms, suited to the requirements of your particular process, are available from Wacker mixing operations in California, Michigan, and Ohio.  RubberWorks can help by matching your requirements with the best suited Wacker Elastosil R product.

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Last modified: December 28, 2010

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