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Potting is a particularly effective way of protecting microelectronic devices.  Processing takes place fully automatically in single or multi-component mixing and metering equipment, and can be efficiently integrated into mass production systems.

Wacker offers appropriate products that meet every requirement:

  •  RTV-1 silicone rubbers
  •  RTV-2 silicone rubbers
  •  RTV-2 silicone Gels
  •  UV curing silicones


Adhesive bonding offers several advantages over mechanical joining techniques:

  •  more uniform distribution of stresses
  •  adhesive joint also acts as a seal
  •  reduced thermo-mechanical stresses
  •  adhesives can be used to join extremely different materials
  •  high degree of vibration damping
  • fully automatic application reduces cost

Conformal Coatings

Coating or protective finishing of printed circuit boards or hybrid components, also referred to as conformal coating, is needed whenever these items must satisfy stringent functional, quality, and/or cost-efficiency demands.

Conformal coatings provide protection against external influences and increase the insulating strength of electronic circuits.  The following processes can be used to apply the protective finish:

  •  Dip coating
  •  Spraying
  •  Flooding
  •  Special selective coating methods

Wacker has developed specialized products designed specifically for this market and these processes:

  •  Room Temperature cross-linking RTV-1 silicones
  •  Thermal cross-linking one and two component systems
  •  RTV-2 compounds that cure to form a Gel
  •  UV cross-linking systems

Wacker has a team dedicated to development of silicone products for the electronics industry.  Much more information, including data sheets, is available by contacting RubberWorks today!

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