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Elastosil RT 620                                                 



Elastosil RT 620 A/B is an RTV-2 silicone rubber well suited to Pad Printing applications.  It's a pourable, addition-curing, very low durometer silicone that can be vulcanized at room temperature, or at elevated temperatures to increase the rate of cure.  Hardness can be reduced even further by adding Wacker AK 35 silicone fluid.  It has high reactivity for fast demolding even when large amounts of silicone fluid have been added.


  •  cures to a nominal 17 duro Shore A hardness
  •  high tear resistance
  •  translucent when cured
  •  fast non-shrink cure at room temperature
  •  exhibits excellent flow

Basic Typical Physical Properties

RubberWorks RTV Data Sheet

Elastosil RT 620 A/B

Property Test Procedure Component A   Component B
Appearance   Translucent   Colourless
Density, 23 C, g/cm3 DIN 52 479 A 1.06   0.98
Viscosity, 23 C, cPs Brookfield 7,000   1,200
      Mixed 10:1 Ratio  
Hardness, Shore A DIN 53 505   17  
Tensile Strength, psi DIN 53 504 S3   720  
Elongation at Break, % DIN 53 504 S3   900  
Tear Resistance, ppi ASTM D624, B   > 68  
Linear Shrinkage, %     < 0.1  
Viscosity, 23 C, cPs Brookfield   6,000  
Appearance     Translucent  
Typical Values Shown are not intended for use in the preparation of specifications

Contact RubberWorks for the complete Wacker Data Sheet which describes this Elastosil product

RT 620 is supplied in kits consisting of A and B Components - Pail Kit Sizes Available: 33 kg

            Call RubberWorks for the detailed Wacker Elastosil Data Sheet


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Last modified: December 28, 2010

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