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Elastosil M 4511 US                                                 



Elastosil M 4511 US is a 12 duro RTV-2 silicone rubber.  This condensation-curing high strength silicone vulcanizes at room temperature to an extremely low hardness.


  •  cures to nominal 12 duro Shore A hardness
  •  very good flow and self-deaeration
  •  extremely high elongation and elasticity - excellent tear strength

Basic Typical Physical Properties

RubberWorks RTV Data Sheet

Elastosil M 4511 US

Property Test Procedure Value
Appearance   White
Density, 23 C, g/cm3 DIN 52 479 A 1.22
Viscosity, 23 C, cPs Brookfield 25,000
Catalyzed and Cured with 10 wt% Catalyst T121 Blue/Clear
Hardness, Shore A DIN 53 505 12
Tensile Strength, psi DIN 53 504 S3 510
Elongation at Break, % DIN 53 504 S3 600
Tear Resistance, ppi ASTM D624, B 105
Linear Shrinkage, %   0.4
Viscosity, 23 C, cPs Brookfield 20,000

Typical Values shown are not intended for use in the preparation of specifications

Elastosil M 4511 US is available in 18 kg Pails and will be supplied with Catalyst T121 Blue/Clear

            Call RubberWorks for the detailed Wacker Elastosil Data Sheet


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Last modified: December 28, 2010

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