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Elastosil silicone pad printing compounds are designed and processed specifically for their intended use.  The three main Wacker pad printing compounds are Elastosil R 620, Elastosil RT 621, and Elastosil RT 623.  Shore A hardness is measured at 17, 25, and 35 respectively.

The hardness of each of these materials can be customized with the addition of a silicone fluid.  We recommend Wacker's AK35, the viscosity of which is 35 cP.  Data sheets with guidelines for the addition of AK35 are available from RubberWorks.

All three of these Elastosil materials are addition cure type silicones.  You can count on negligible shrinkage during curing and very fast demold times.  Because addition cure materials do respond to the introduction of heat, it is possible to greatly accelerate the cure speed.  Charts in each of the applicable data sheets outline the cure characteristics.  Give us a call for more details.

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Last modified: December 28, 2010

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