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Room Temperature Vulcanizing silicones are a modern miracle.  Employed world-wide in applications as diverse as steam irons and automotive cylinder heads and out-of-this-world in deep space exploration, RTV's are called upon for sealing, bonding, and coating in all branches of industry.

RubberWorks has selected five market segments from a multitude in order to highlight some of Wacker's RTV materials and/or the capabilities of silicone RTV.  We carry Canadian inventory of many of these products; for your special requirement we can establish an inventory based on your production schedules.

Elastosil RTV is available in tubes, cartridges, pails, and drums.  Wacker offers their full range of RTV products packaged to suit your process needs.

Take a look through these pages for a glimpse into Wacker's extensive product line.  Contact us for personalized assistance in identifying which Elastosil product is best suited to your process and application.

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Last modified: December 28, 2010

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