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We sell Silicones!

Silicone compounds are available to suit your specification, your process, or both!  High consistency grades tailored for custom molding and liquid silicones for high speed automated injection are really just a call away.  Fabric coating formulas, roll covering materials and silicones for wire & cable or other extrusion processes have been developed to match a myriad of industry specifications.  Silicones for silk screening are now available that can be processed using conventional equipment and techniques.  Silicone RTV is used for conformal coating and potting in electronics - grades range from condensation cure to UV curable.  The list of types of silicone available is extensive.  Give us a call for information related to your needs.

Silicones are available from Wacker Silicones.

These materials have some extreme differences and some obvious similarities with other elastomers.

  •  Usually measured on the Shore "A" hardness scale

  •  Usually processed on very similar equipment, both for mixing and for fabricating

  •  Silicones often have lower physical properties at room temperature than non-silicones

  •  Non-Silicones often have lower physical properties at extreme temperatures than  silicones

  •  Silicones are inherently good at resisting UV & Ozone - Non-Silicones typically have to  be specifically formulated to offer improved resistance

  •  Silicones exhibit poor abrasion resistance at room temperature but are hard to beat at 450 F

  •  Silicone is usually available in all colours but black - special black pigments can be used but most times black is avoided as a silicone pigment

  •  Non-silicones are usually available in black

RubberWorks can help you find the compound that is best suited to your requirements.  Give us a call so that we can help you get going!


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Last modified: December 28, 2010

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