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Wacker silicones have been successfully used in the manufacture of electrical insulators since the end of the 1960's.  Today they are offered in high consistency and liquid/paste forms, suitable for modern production techniques.  Powersil formulas are being used to satisfy the specifications of regulatory bodies around the world.

  •  Powersil and Powersil XLR grade compounds are used to produce compression molded, injection molded, and cast silicone insulators used for voltages up to 1,000 kV

  •  Extrusion grades of Powersil, using a peroxide catalyst, are available for continuous production of medium voltage cable sleeves and for sheathing FRP rods
  •  Powersil hydrophobic dispersion coatings and pastes can be sprayed, dipped, or painted on to porcelain insulators to provide an alternative to cleaning in order to prevent flashovers
  •  Electrically conductive grades of Powersil in liquid and high consistency formats are available for specialized applications

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Last modified: December 28, 2010

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