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Condensation curing grades of Elastosil M materials use an original chemistry (tin cure) to achieve crosslinking in the silicone.  This curing technique, despite its age, is still appropriate today.  Because of Wacker's continuous improvement of these materials, higher strengths than ever are available.

One of the unique features of the Elastosil M line of condensation cure silicones is the very low durometers that can be achieved with off the shelf products.  No need to add silicone oil in order to get hardnesses of 12 or even 8 durometer Shore A.

As with the addition cure materials, specialty grades and special process additives are available for the condensation cure compounds.  We can provide you with thixotropic agents to make the materials paintable onto vertical surfaces or silicone fluids to thin the compounds out for easy pouring and to reduce hardness, accelerators to speed up the cure, or inhibitors to increase the pot life.

We've summarized the basic properties of the most common of Wacker's Elastosil M silicones, and provided a comparison chart.  Please take a look and call us for assistance in making a selection.

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Last modified: December 28, 2010

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