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The chemistry behind addition cure RTV's makes them simple to use and extremely effective.  The platinum catalyst used to create a crosslink in the polymer does three things very well:

  •  produces no odours from cure by-products
  •  cures very fast at room temperature and extremely fast when exposed to as little as 100 F
  •  exhibits practically no shrinkage when cured; typically less than 0.1% linear shrinkage

Because the physical properties, such as Tensile Strength, Elongation, and Tear Strength, are so excellent with these addition cure Elastosil M grade materials, you can expect excellent long term stability of mechanical properties.

Elastosil M grade materials are designed for outstanding resistance to a variety of materials, including products ranging from concrete to polyurethanes.

Specialty grades and special process additives are available.  We can provide you with thixotropic agents to make the materials paintable onto vertical surfaces or silicone fluids to thin the compounds out for easy pouring and to reduce hardness.

We've summarized the basic properties of the most common of Wacker's Elastosil M silicones, and provided a comparison chart.  Please take a look and call us for assistance in making a selection.

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Last modified: December 28, 2010

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