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It's here!

Talk about quick.  You can expect the new Wacker Elastosil Putty compounds to be cured in about 10 minutes.  Make a mold with all the preserved detail that you expect from an RTV moldmaking material, and expect it to be ready in less time than a coffee break.

These two-part addition curing putties come in three versions to give you soft, medium, and firm cured hardness results.  Mix the A and B sides together by hand and you're ready to make a mold or take an impression.

Here are the products available from RubberWorks and their relative hardness:

  •  Elastosil M 1340 US A/B - 40 durometer - soft
  •  Elastosil M 1350 US A/B - 50 durometer - medium
  •  Elastosil M 1360 US A/B - 60 durometer - firm

Give us a call today and we can arrange to provide you with a sample.

            Call RubberWorks for the detailed Wacker Elastosil Data Sheets


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Send mail to Info@RubberWorksInc.com with questions or comments.  RubberWorks Inc is your Canadian source!
Last modified: December 28, 2010

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