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Here is a basic comparison of typical physical properties for these commonly used Wacker Elastosil adhesive materials.



Elastosil Adhesives Comparison

Condensation Cured 1 Part Silicone RTV

E 4 E 41 E 43 E 952
Consistency Non-slump Flowable Self-Leveling Paste
Appearance Translucent or Black Transparent Transparent/Black/White Clear
Property Test Procedure ... Call Us for Data on Available Packaging and other Elastosil adhesives
Density, 23 C, g/cm3 DIN 52 479 A 1.03 1.06 1.09 1.10

WSTM-2225 Test Method

Viscosity, 23 C, cPs Brookfield Non-Slump 65,000 350,000 350,000

WSTM-2103 Test Method - 25 C

Hardness, Shore A DIN 53 505 16 30 30 28

WSTM-2225 Test Method

Tensile Strength, psi DIN 53 504 S1 217 650 650 750

WSTM-1228 Test Method

Elongation at Break, % DIN 53 504 S1 600 500 500 450

WSTM-1228 Test Method

Tear Resistance, ppi ASTM D624, B > 25 > 70 > 70 75

WSTM-1229 Test Method

Skin-Over Time, 23 C and 50% RH 10-25 minutes 10-25 minutes 10-25 minutes 20 minutes

WSTM-2225 Test Method

Ask us for the complete Wacker Data Sheet for these and other Elastosil silicone adhesives.

Data Shown Is Not Intended for use in the Preparation of Specifications.

Elastosil E 951 has now been replaced by Elastosil E 952.  Many other Wacker specialty silicone adhesives are available

that may be suitable for your application. 

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Last modified: December 28, 2010

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