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We cover Canada from coast to coast, offering the finest in custom mixed silicones.  We provide help with your requirements for everything from silicone bases and compounds to  LSRs and RTVs and more.  Check out our Products and Vendor pages to see what we offer from Wacker Silicones, Silmix Ohio and Silmix California.  See our Links page for industry related (and unrelated) sources of information.  Finally, consult the Assistance page for a little help with volume calculations and metric conversions.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide quality silicone compounds to Canadian fabricators, with a level of service and understanding that cannot be matched.  Using our own high level industry experience and the resources of our supplier-partners, we are determined to provide

Service Above All , Above All Service

Company Profile

RubberWorks is a Canadian sales agency serving Canadian rubber fabricators.  Our customers include Canada's best molders, extruders, fabric coaters, roll fabricators, electronics firms, printers, and manufacturers in many more industry segments.  We couple our vendor's experience in these areas with our own in order to effectively expand our customer's in-house technical expertise.  Ask us for references.  We're happy to supply them.

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Send mail to with questions or comments.  RubberWorks Inc is your Canadian source!
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